Multi-Purpose Telescopic
Broom with Squeegee

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Features & Benefits

  • Rubber bristles attract dirt
  • Made with high-quality, durable rubber
  • Adjusts up to 4ft in length!
  • Built-in squeegee for wet surfaces
  • Cleans everything from pet hair to windows
  • Even gets pet fur from carpets
  • Extendable handle for total control and reach
  • Easily rinses clean with some water

The Only Broom You Need!

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Great for Indoor
& Outdoor Use!


Introducing Wonderbroom

Getting swept away with your dirty floors and murky windows?! Presenting the Rubber Wonderbroom - the only broom you will ever need!

Now you can sweep, clean AND squeegee all through your home - inside & out. Unlike some traditional brooms, the Rubber Wonderbroom's flexible bristles form a wall, making light work of even the dirtiest floors!

The Rubber Wonderbroom is perfect to use on all kinds of flooring. This amazing tool can even remove pet hair from your carpets and sofas! The Rubber Wonderbroom's rubber bristles create a static charge as it brushes along carpeted surfaces, attracting dirt like a magnet.

Use the rubber bristles to scrub away muddy footprints and grime, then flip the Wonderbroom over and use the built-in squeegee to reveal a perfectly clean floor.

Wonderbroom is even great for outdoor cleaning. Use outside to sweep your patio floors... give your car a scrub down... or make those filthy outside windows sparkle! It's tough enough to use with the strongest household chemicals to clean up tough outdoor stains!